Jackie Chan Bengbu Workshop Museum


The workshop-museum is a project born from the foundation of the well-known actor and film director Jackie Chan to recover traditional Chinese houses.

Their ingenious wooden structures, their handmade artistic carvings and the whole culture collected between their walls, make these old houses a real treasure. With different spaces for workshops where structures and its carvings are refurbished, studies for multi-disciplinary research and exhibition areas for the dissemination of these treasures of crafts, this museum-workshop, becomes a research laboratory where past, present and future  meet to rethink our habitats.

There is much wisdom in this vernacular architecture that, given our environmental problems, we should implement in the construction of our residence, work and leisure spaces to make them beautiful, harmonious and committed places with the people and the ecosystems that surround them.

The building, following the essence of the project, is designed as a light structure prefabricated and assembled, with a whole series of environmental strategies implemented to make it a committed and energy-efficient building.

Among them, we could mention the re-use of containers for its interior spaces, the design of a green roof, which becomes a pleasant leisure space that combines plants and solar panels providing thermal insulation to the interior. It allow  the treatment of wastewater and capture the solar energy necessary for the needs of the different spaces. A solution that tries to positively reverse the compensation of CO2 emitted by its operation and reduce its ecological footprint.


Project start: 2018

Currently in the process of implementation.




Gabriel Gomera, Rubén Páez


Bengbu, China

architecture, arquitectura, art, design, efficient, eficiente, interior, interiordesign, interiorismo, landscape, museum, passive, passivehouse, saludable, sostenible, sustainable, workshop
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