SCH Apartment

Under construction.

There are refurbishment projects that arise from the difficulties posed by the original distribution. In others, however, you find some existing elements of interest from which to start the narrative thread.

The challenge to be able to advance in the project of refurbishment of this apartment located in the center of Barcelona was to save the complicated distribution that, with a multitude of doors and corridors, was blocking the distribution of natural light, ventilation and generating an uncomfortable circulation through it.

A series of micro-interventions in these areas of passage and the existing partition elements have helped create a new flow of air, light and visuals that have made walking through the space a very pleasant and rich experience for the senses. These interventions have allowed connecting all day areas with each other through a tour in which green spaces, art pieces and other surprises intermingled with the spaces of use such as the access area, resting rooms, the kitchen, the living room or a study that can be visually linked, trough a sliding elements, to the main living area.

A house-promenade that invites you to walk and know its most hidden secrets.



Gabriel Gomera, Rubén Páez



Interior Design
architecture, arquitectura, art, design, efficient, eficiente, interior, interiordesign, interiorismo, landscape, passive, passivehouse, saludable, sostenible, sustainable
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