Not all the spaces we live in are wholesome. In some occasions we don’t know the reason, but we feel better in some buildings than in others; we sleep better in some rooms than in others. We feel more at peace in some places or ecosystems that others. Spaces are made up of physical traits, but also less tangible environmental qualities. We feel different things because we can feel its energetic and biotic quality.


Nowadays, knowledge on geobiology can be applied to determine how electromagnetic fields affect space, artificial waves or the geopathies of the place. There’s a criteria to prevent and harmonize them, minimizing their impact on our health. The result is an improvement of our well-being and the increase of the regenerative function of spaces, especially those destined to rest.


In this design process strategies to improve biologic and environmental quality of the space are used: its organization, distribution and disposition of circulations to generate appropriate flows, relationships and visuals. The treatment of natural and artificial light. The regeneration of natural air and a filtering system with an adequate choice of materials, which minimize the toxicity of its components and its construction systems. The harmony of the palette of shapes, colors and elements that make up the space. A whole series of factors that act jointly and indirectly are responsible for well-being in the spaces in which we live, work, study or rest.


Text: Gabriel Gomera.  Imagen: Om house project. Gabriel Gomera Studio


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