Sky Retreat – Yushu, China

Sky Retreat – Yushu, China

The project that we would like to show you is currently in progress and is the result of collaboration with architect Rubén Páez, and the Phd anthropologist Zhou Lei, professor of Nanjing University, co-founder of Oriental Danology Institute, and co-founder of the I World Water Source Summit in China.

Our installation is located in Yushu, Qinghai, where the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Mekong River come together. It is a gorgeous place, full of natural resources and the water source of 2 billion people.

The main purpose of sky retreat project is to see how art, design and architecture can create and help the economic, social and cultural development of this area, with an effort to co-exist in harmony with the rich and fragile natural ecosystem of the region.

There is also a second goal to this project: The Umbilical Cord Project wants to see how it can also create synergies between the usage of the Yangtze River in Qinghai, which is still “under relative development ” and the existing development of Yangtze river at the other end in Shanghai: paradigm and the mirror of Chinese development.

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