Gabriel Gomera

Gabriel Gomera is an interior designer and artist from Barcelona actually based in Shanghai. He founded his own studio in 2000, from where he works on projects in different creative areas, moving between architecture, design and art.

Following a intuitive and craft-oriented creative process, based on exchange and dialogue with the context and the users, he likes to use his work as a tool to explore and promote new ways of relating and enjoy from the space.

Guided by this philosophy, he has produced projects of interior design, furniture design, ephemeral installations and architecture, most of them carried out with the support of a multidisciplinary team and with a global vision of the space, design and communication.

Projects like the “Scene House” or “MM headquarters” have been awarded and published in international media and his work has been exhibited in institutions like Shanghai Design Center, Casadecor Barcelona or FAD.

With the start of a new international stage for Gomera, in 2011 he started working on projects in Asia. On the basis of this, a permanent studio in Shanghai will open in late 2012.

In tandem with his professional activity, for the past 10 years he has worked in the teaching field, giving classes, lectures and workshops in various schools of art and design.

IE Design & Construction

In order to give a better local response to the technical development and construction of projects in Asia, a collaboration agreement has been signed with Hong Kong-founded company IE Design&Construction, based in Shanghai. IE, led by Eddy Chan, has over 10 years’ experience in interior design projects across China, offering services of design, project management and construction. It has the capacity to complete projects such as offices, restaurants, commercial buildings and private homes with the highest quality and rigour, as it already does elsewhere. The company has held the ISO 9001 quality certification for its processes since 2010.